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Keep The Moment Forever

Its a film review about ONCE from Mr.Seaver

I watched the movie without subtitle yesterday
Im not sure I could absolutely understand every dialogue
but its not important
I think I know what the movie wanna talk about
I can feel the movie
I can feel it

ONCE, the movie is not like any of Big Movies
not a big product
without violences
without sex even without a kiss
But its really interesting
You shouldn't miss the movie

The story about music and emotion
Is there love between that two people , so ... what kind of love ?
That two people contact with music and some special emotions appear
The emotions can be described , maybe love , maybe friendship , anyway , its do there

What is LOVE
Many emotions we can call it LOVE
Not just between lovers
What kind of love or emotions is not important
The point is the feelings or the moments
That is the truly thing
Just keep the moment if the moment makes you happy and comfortable