There is all about Mr. Seaver. You will know who Mr. Seaver is


Time of Internet

I know a guy from Twitter
and then i found him on Netvibes
He at usa , im from china
long distances between us

Mr.G's sister , we know each other at Beijing
but she back to Brazil
we chat together with MSN
and she can view my new hair style , i can know how is her life in hometown , with FaceBook

Some website appear
like facebook , twitter , myspace ...
social network , right ?

Social network can contact people together around the world ?
yes , maybe
share ideas share events
but its base on every one use same language

The point is language
a story appear my mind
about God let people use different languages
its the way to stop people hold together to build a tower to heaven

Social network website let people together around the world with same language
some one should invent a translate machine
Let's build the tower !