There is all about Mr. Seaver. You will know who Mr. Seaver is


Hello Mr.G

Hello Mr.G(maybe Mr.B)
I love this dude
friendly funny smart handsome
he send his blog link to me
the point is he let me know The WebWarper
yes , fuck chinese NET
we can not browse every website in chinese , because government
before i know The WebWarper , i use inblogs
but maybe government find inblogs can help us to browse websites
so... inblogs down
hehe , we call it The Chinese Characteristic (具有中国特色的)
Every road to Roma(条条大路通罗马)
Thanks Mr.G

Mr.Seaver spend long time to read Mr.G's blog
you know... Mr.Seaver is not good at English
but Mr.Seaver very love to read Mr.G's articles
because they has same the points of view about art about design about life
But the very important point is English
no English , no chance to discuss design & art & life
"Come on ! Mr.Seaver , hard work to learn English !"