There is all about Mr. Seaver. You will know who Mr. Seaver is



Mr. Seaver :you come to china as a foreigner , you need some informations about china & beijing , which website do you check , i mean the website from china form beijing

gustavo :i have a few guides i bought back in brazil,but right now i dont really use themunless i want to travel outside beijing

Mr. Seaver :i mean , is there any website from beijng for foreigners.i mean , maybe i can make a website to do this , see ?

gustavo,a very good source

Mr. Seaver :i know that website & managzine,is there enough informations to a foreigner ?

gustavo :hmmm,i could say so.i dont really look at it.only if i have to.and thatsbj is for free.if i had to pay for it.i probably woulnd get it
hey gonna get some to you later

Mr. Seaver :ok.seeya