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The meaning of traveling

I love traveling, nobody doesn't, right?
People leave their hometowns, travel to other places
What are they looking for?
Someone goes to many places in a limited time, take many pictures of them then show to their friends
Someone love to feel the destination, to feel the custom, to know the people live there,so they live there some days

I think the meaning of traveling is not where I have been
For me
I think the important thing about traveling is what I got, what about the experience of my travel
I went to Lijiang from Kuming 6 times by plane in one day
Is it terrible? Maybe
On the other side, I gained rich experiences, I made a friend who was once an air man and I knew many knowledge about aviation from him

Life is same as traveling
Whatever destination is, the point is experiences
Enjoy traveling, enjoy life
To find out what you can get